A Guide to Church Photography for the Enthusiastic Amateur . . to give its full title.

Although I photograph many different 'genres', church photography is my passion. I have visited over one hundred churches and cathedrals in the UK and across Europe, and bring here some of my self-gained knowledge for others to experience.

This is not an in-depth technical publication, but more of a 'how-to' book for the keen and eager amateur photographer looking to further their photographic experience.

A helpful guide to understanding how to photograph church interiors. Full of tips and easy guidance, and packed with over 200 beautiful photographs taken by the author.

Subjects include:

1. The Nave 2. Bracketing 3. Portrait v Landscape 4. Ceilings 5. Pulpits 6. Sculptures 7. Miscellaneous (Objects) 8. Horizontals & Verticals 9. Shadows & Light 10. Light Out Of Darkness 11. Stain Glass 12. Removing Unwanted Objects 13. Fonts 14. Organs 15. Flowers 16. Behind Closed Doors 17. The Squint 18. The Piscina  19. The Stoup  20. The Sepulchre 21. The Sedilia 22. Stone Artefacts and Corbels 23. Perspectives 24. Personal Favourites 

Size: 297 x 210mm (A4) Landscape

Pages: 90

ISBN: 9780993586477

Due for release June 2021