A Passionate Affair, Lost Love, Family Intrigue, a Suspicious Death

Michael Parker is dying. He has had a good life and done well for himself. Now, alone, save for his loyal housekeeper, Smithy, he reminisces on a wonderful love affair he had in the summer of 1965.
Dianne was an archaeology student on study leave at the British Museum when they met. Then, one day after a passionate affair, she left, never to be heard of again. Her flat mates said she was pregnant, but Michael did not believe that at the time. Now at 75, with only six months to live, he asks his solicitors to send him someone who can find Dianne, and find the truth, before he dies.
James Lacey works as a solicitor's clerk at Morris, Stern and Wicks, and is sent to see Michael Parker. James thinks the visit will be a waste of time, but after hearing Michael's story, is slowly and surely drawn into the mystery, as to where, and if, Dianne is alive. Michael gives James money for travelling, and a Letter to give to Dianne, for if and when he finds her.
With the help of James's girl friend, Jane, and his friend Jonathan, the Letter travels with James to Ireland, Paris, Pakistan, India and Spain.
They meet old friends and colleges of Dianne, but why is the trail hard to follow. Why is this lady, if she is alive, wanting to keep her whereabouts secret. No one who she worked with seems to be willing to talk to James, or confirm her existence.

James travels far and wide to unravel the mystery that is Dianne Holland, but also discovers secrets about his own relatives on a visit to India. 

Can James Lacey juggle all of these events as well as coming to terms with his own personal anxieties?


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